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Watch to learn how the MVP message supports students' Social and Emotional Learning.

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Jess And Mike of Next Gen Assemblies

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During the past few years we have totaled over 

320 assemblies in 8 different states communicating to every one of the 110,000+ students: 

 They Matter,

they have Value, and

they have Purpose.

   All are MVP's.

Jess and Mike bring a tailor-made, high energy, impactful assembly combining the message with original music specifically written to support the message


Each assembly is collaboratively designed with your school addressing the specific challenges your students face on a variety of pressing topics such as: 


  • Anti-bullying in school and anti-cyberbullying

  • Positive self-worth through believing in oneself

  • Suicide prevention

  • Anti-drug/anti-vaping use

  • Dealing with disappointments

  • Making positive decisions/choices

  • Treating everyone with kindness and respect regardless of background or physical characteristics


Beyond the assembly we provide a day of service in your school (speaking to and performing an unplugged concert in classrooms/clubs and eating lunch with your students) to help them cope and overcome social and emotional challenges. 

what schools are saying

secondary school staff react to the mvp message 

Secondary School Reviews
Watch Now

"...The highest level of engagement we've had at an assembly in years... 

-Wade Hall, Principal, Tri County R-VII

"There was a great mix between what the students needed to hear in the moment and getting them excited through music.”

-Devin Johnson, Principal, Saint James R-1

"I saw a few tears... made a big impact."

-Benjamin Hihath, Counselor, Lathrop R-II

"This is definitely worth what you get and more. This is a great assembly for students our age."

-Angela Gibson, Superintendent, Midway R-I

elementary school staff highlight the engagement

"...It was a great presentation for the kids, but most importantly, it was a really, really good message."

-Monte Munsinger, Principal, Shenandoah, IA

"It was highly engaging, so I was very blown away by what I saw verses what I expected."

-Danielle Strider, Principal, Wellington/Napoleon 

"...high energy, lot's of fun, lot's of dancing. They just had a blast!...They couldn't stop talking about not only the music and the performers, but the message as well. It really resonated with them and I look forward to seeing its impact on the entire school year."

-Craig McGee, Principal, Fullerton Magnet, Omaha, NE