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During the past few years we have totaled over 270 assemblies in 8 different states communicating to every one of the 75,000+ students: 

 They Matter,

they have Value, and

they have Purpose.

   All are MVP's.

Jess Angelique along with her co-performer, Mike Dawson bring a tailor-made, high energy, impactful assembly collaboratively designed with your school addressing the specific challenges your students face on a variety of pressing topics such as: 


  • Anti-bullying in school and anti-cyberbullying

  • Positive self-worth through believing in oneself

  • Suicide prevention

  • Anti-drug/anti-vaping use

  • Dealing with disappointments

  • Making positive decisions/choices

  • Treating everyone with kindness and respect

      regardless of background/physical characteristics


Beyond the assembly we provide a day of service in your school (speaking to and performing an unplugged concert in classrooms/clubs and eating lunch with your students) to help them cope and overcome social and emotional challenges. 

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superintendent attends
every assembly 

“I attended every one of the assemblies and was impressed at the ability of the three performers to adjust and adapt to the various grade levels. The K-3 grade students really loved the music and were an excited audience. Grades 4-6 took a little bit of time to warm up,  but they got into it!  One of my biggest concerns was about the Middle school kids, especially since they seem to be the ones who always sit back and say: "go ahead, just try to impress me."  Well, I was pleasantly surprised to watch as these students became enthralled in the personal stories and with the songs/lyrics of our three young performers. In fact, teachers mentioned afterwards that the students seemed more attentive and engaged than in any assembly they could remember. 

Greg and the middle school Principal, Clay Emery, created a survey for the 7th and 8th graders and there was tremendous response.  In fact, 370 students out of the 460 enrolled, replied to the survey. That is incredible!  Our alternative school has about 75 students and they had their own assembly and seemed to be quite impressed and touched by what was said and shared through song. My other huge concern was wondering how our students at Safford High School would respond. We had 800 students in the Center for the Arts and to get high school students to wave their arms in the air or clap to the beat isn't easy...  Jess seems to be electrified as they came out on stage and saw the audience... The message to our students that they Matter, that they have Value, and that they have a Purpose could not have come at a more needed time. 


We also appreciate them going to the schools during the school day, eating lunch with students, visiting classes, and sharing time. I highly recommend these assemblies to any and all schools.

Ken VanWinkle, Superintendent

Safford AZ Schools

video introduction

Next Gen Assemblies with Jess Angelique and Mike Dawson is again performing assemblies.

When you bring in a Next Gen Assembly Jess Angelique and Mike Dawson share stories to encourage your students in who they are and the difference they can make by living a life respecting others and focusing on the right priorities.

You bring in like-minded, youthful performers who share the message and music offering greater excitement and production in the on-stage product.  You can find Jess and Mike's band, NextEra, on all steaming platforms and YouTube.  It's a blend of chorus and rap. Jess and Mike collaborate together to create a top-notch unforgettable performance for your students.


 A highly effective, impactful day of service in your school can be arranged

Call Jess at 402-657-5535.

impact your students with
Jess' story

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Jess Angelique is that quiet student in your class overlooked but overachieving without attention.  She will tell your students she was never one of the popular kids in school and was bullied by classmates online and in person.  Her transparency and insecurity encourage students to be who they are and treat others with respectWhat separates Jess from other assembly speakers is her ability to relate to your students first-hand that deal with bullying and self-worth.  She looks for the kid sitting alone.  She was that kid sitting alone.  You can trust Jess Angelique to deliver an effective message inspiring positive behavior change that will last weeks and months after the assembly.


At the age of seven, Jess Angelique showed a strong desire to sing.  Gifted with a strong voice, she soon found she had the gift of writing music composing her first song five years later.  From the age of 12, Jess loved to write music to encourage kids going through the same struggles at school. 


Talent brought opportunity with music industry professionals leading to Jess releasing an eight-song solo project when she was 14 and a seven-song group project with NextEra at 17. She has spent 4 years touring, serving schools and youth events with song and message. Her music can be found on digital platforms as NextEra and Jess Angelique Music.

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impact your students with
Mike's story

Ever since Mike was young he's always had passion and drive. One thing he grew especially passionate about is music. Throughout the years he developed his talents in vocals, producing, and instrumentation. Mike has been in many bands over the years as a lead vocalist or an instrumentalist.

Mike has an internal drive to always work hard and to excel. This drive and determination have been developed as he has overcome personal obstacles weighing him down. Mike's inspiring transformational journey of overcoming low self-esteem through understanding his self-worth inspired his incredible weight loss success.

Mike's friendly, sincere, determined demeanor shines through as he shares his personal story that in turn inspires youth to have the same overcoming attitude.  

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Jess Angelique of Next Gen Assemblies
Mike Dawson
Jess and Mike at Chillicothe High
Mike at Chillicothe High
Jess and Mike at Chillicothe High
Jess Angelique at Chillicothe High School
Jess Angelique of Next Gen Assemblies
Be Kind
MVP Tour at Fulton Middle School
MVP Tour at Fullton Middle
Jess Angelique Assemblies
Knob Noster High School Students
Carrollton High School
Carrollton Elementary
Westran Middle
Westran Elementary
Effingham Elementary
Atchison Middle School
Jess Angelique at MSCA 2018
Midway Secondary School 2
Knob Noster Middle School
Jess Angelique of NextEra Music
Jess Angelique in Knob Noster
Knob Noster High School
Knob Noster High School
Aspen Creek Middle School
Dundee Elementary School
Braymer Middle/High School
New York Township Schools
Kingston Schools
Cowgill Schools
John Glenn Elementary School
Macon Elementary School
Boonville High School
Gretna Middle School
Gretna Aspen Creek Middle
Aspen Creek Elementary
Gretna Elementary
Thomas Elementary
Whiteman AFB
Midway Elementary
Jess Angelique Assembly in Hamilton
Jess Angelique Assembly in Princeton
Jess Angelique Assembly in Polo
Jess Angelique at Sikeston, MO
Jess Angelique of NextEra Music
Jess Angelique at Unionville
Jess & students in Omaha, NE
Jess Angelique Assemblies
NextEra Music Artists Eating Lunch
Jess & students in Omaha, NE
NextEra Music in Braymer, MO
NextEra Music at Grace Pointe Church



A:   During Next Gen Assemblies, Jess and Mike sing and speak encouraging your students toward positive self-worth.

They share their own stories of overcoming difficult situations, bullying in schoolcyber-bullying and thoughts of suicide. The team shares practical strategies your students can use to overcome their own hardships.



-Anti-bullying in school and anti-cyberbullying

-Positive self-worth through believing in oneself

-Suicide prevention

-Anti-drug use

-Dealing with disappointments

-Making positive decisions/choices

-Treating everyone with kindness and respect regardless of background/physical characteristics


A:   The assembly is a blend of pop music and stories led by Jess Angelique and Mike Dawson.

Q: WHY use music in an assembly?

A:   Music captures students' attention and the lyrics support your message of positive self-worth, respecting others and being the best you can be.

Also, the message of the music continues weeks and months after the assembly as your students remember the songs and their positive message.

Q: WHAT IS THE TARGET AGE a next gen assembly?

A:  We perform K-12 assemblies. We tailor the event toward the age of your students focusing on self-worth.


A:   We tailor the assembly to your needs. Generally the assembly lasts between 45 minutes to 1:15.

Q: Is there a concern with the performers being young?

A:  It is actually a benefit. They will relate to your students as they understand how to communicate your message to youth not much younger than themselves. Jess and Mike are gifted speakers and musicians both having begun performing in front of audiences since their early youth. 



A:  Obviously, this is a difficult question to answer for both of us.  You have a limited budget.  We have expenses getting to your school.  We all have the goal of helping students cope with everyday challenges. 


As you are considering a Next Gen Assembly, a range to consider is $1000 to $2500 for a day of programming.  Let us know you are interested and we will go to work finding other schools in your area. 


The more flexible you are in scheduling the more flexible we can be with pricing as there is a cost in travel and routing of the event. 


We also greatly appreciate your help in connecting us to schools in your area that could coordinate a day of programming before or after we are at your district. 


Answers are best determined with a phone call.


Let’s talk about it:  

Jess Angelique  402-657-5535

contact us








Jess Angelique and

Mike Dawson of

the band,


bring an anti-bullying, suicide prevention and


message with original music encouraging

your students

they all


have Value and

have PurposE

All are MVP's