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Your students will hear a message of self-worth and being kind woven between pop style songs delivered by Jess Angelique and Mike Dawson.  The lyrics and melody were written by Jess and Mike to appeal to students supporting a person’s right to be who they are and encourage treating fellow classmates with respect. Layered between songs, Jess and Mike convey the message to your students with relational equity that comes from performers not much older than the students in your assembly.


Defined to be Different, one of the key songs that your students will continue to hum, communicates a person is not defined by what they see in social media or what a classmate may say.  The catchy song tells kids they are defined to be different and make a difference.  It ends with the lyric, “We are all originals.”  Listen to the song here:  

We bring sound and light equipment setting up quickly in your gym or auditorium. All we need is access to a couple of standard 110 outlets on separate breakers. 


In addition to the assembly, Jess Angelique and Mike Dawson can host break-out sessions, speak in designated classrooms and hang out in the cafeteria through the lunches looking for students sitting alone. 


Students attending will hear their preferred style of music with a message that supports your anti-bullying and self-worth communication.  What makes the assembly most effective is that students forget they are at an assembly and just have fun listening to the music and the message.


 We know there are specific guidelines to follow and we will be very careful to not cross that line.  We are very sensitive to your need to keep our faith separate from the message in the assembly. We may or may not have a later event planned in your community at a church.  If we do, we will ask if we can mention the upcoming event at the beginning and the end of the assembly.  If that would be a problem, we will make sure it is not promoted by us during the performance.  Jess’ mother is a former public school teacher and has personal knowledge and experience of following the guidelines set forth in a school district regarding communication of faith.  

Defined to be Different - Jess Angelique
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continuing the message

You will get posters that support the message including discussion questions to review the highlights of the assembly with their class following the assembly. 

our fee

Obviously, this is a difficult question to answer for both of us.  You have a limited budget.  We have expenses getting to your school.  Helping students cope with bullying hangs in the balance. 


As you are considering a Next Gen Assembly, a range to consider is $1000 to $2500 for a day of programming.  Let us know you are interested and we will go to work finding other schools in your area. 


The more flexible you are in scheduling the more flexible we can be with pricing as there is a cost in travel and routing of the event. 


We also greatly appreciate your help in connecting us to schools in your area that could coordinate a day of programming before or after we are at your district. 


Answers are best determined with a phone call.  Let’s talk about it.


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